Why backing tracks?

How it began

When guitarist and composer Brynjar Bøe was searching YouTube for backing tracks in 2014, he found that there was a shortage of high-quality tracks in many genres.That is how the idea of starting a YouTube channel with backing tracks in lots of different styles and genres came to life. After the launch in december 2014, the channel quickly grew and got attention from musicians all around the world who often gave great feedback after jamming to some of our tracks, and was impressed with the quality of the production and how great a resource this was for them while practicing. Viewing the chords in real-time while jamming along to a backing trackproved to be a great tool, and provided musicians and people who wanted to learn an instrument with a huge advantage when jamming along to a track in a style they enjoyed. 


Since then, Elite Backing Tracks` YouTube channel has grown to roughly 80k subscribers in 2020, and the backing tracks has received over 20 millions all in all. In addition to the free YouTube videos, customers are provided with the option of buying audio & chord sheet bundles from our website which are useful for anyone wanting to print out the  chord sheets. This can be usefull in a number of scenarios, i.e. when the musician wants to make notes on the chord sheet regarding scale choice, chord structures, and can also be useful in a teacher-student setting. Also, having the backing tracks available in situations where there is shortage of internet signal, can be of great value.

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