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How to use our tracks correctly

  • Can I use your tracks, improvise over them and post my performance on YouTube or similar?

Yes, please use our tracks for that purpose, as long as you buy the track you want to use beforehand, and give credit til Elite Backing Tracks when you publish it. You cannot monetize the video, or sell the track with your solo on without contacting us beforehand and get a license from us to do so.

  • I am recording an album, and I would like to use one of your tracks as a background. May I do this?

If you want to use our tracks commercially, you must contact us first and we can work out a license based on the scenario you are describing. For example: A license to sell your music that features one of our tracks is going to be different than a license that enables you to synchronize your video to one of our tracks. Please write us an e-mail ( and describe your project.

  • I bought one of your track, now I want to use it for my album and sell it online. Is that ok?

No, you must contact us first and get a license for that. You can, however, feel free to post a video of your performance on YouTube, Facebook, or similar as long as it is non-commercial and you give credit to Elite Backing Tracks.

  • I need a backing track in a certain style, can you make that for me?

We would be happy to help you out with that, just let us know what you`re after, and we will give you a custom offer. Also, please let us know your plans for further usage of the track, i.e. if it`s just for personal use, for commercial sale, for a video, etc.

Contact Elite Backing Tracks to start working together.

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